Providing maintenance and repair for your swimming pool.


We pride ourselves on our reputation, quality work, and knowledge of all pool and spa equipment including computer control systems, fountains and more.


"Carver has gone out of his way to help our association keep our pool working and in top shape. He attended our homeowners board meeting to answer questions and guide us in making upgrades. He has trained some of us to help maintain it, thus saving us money, He is a great asset for our association."
— Fred Knight, Cibola Homeowners Association Board Member

"Carver Busch of Kokopelli Pool and Spa has been a valued service provider. He has the best technical skill with regard to pool functions and maintenance but he is also very pleasant to work with. He is very proactive and always makes sure my clients pool's are crystal clear and heated to their specifications before they arrive in town."
— Jane Larson, Anjali Luxury Home Management LLC, Property Manager

phone: 505–577–8501

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